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Barebreeze Charters


BAREbreeze Charters is a delightful interactive site as it features parallax scrolling and a relaxing wave video that runs in the background.

For the best viewing experience click on the image while on a laptop or PC as the mobile experience is static.

Featured Online Catalog

Meet RiverRun Cabinetry. This sample is their latest online version of their beautiful 32 page catalog.

The print version features additional fold-outs which creates a unique attractive catalog designed to inspire.

To view full size click here.

Dream Kitchens Brochure

Click on image to view flip book.

Dream Kitchens

This 24-page brochure is more like a dream book for beautiful kitchens. They are truly gifted kitchen designers and their passion shows through their work.




Featured Photo Illustration

Ghost Writer TV Series Poster
Graphic Design, Poster, Print design, susan Tower Creative

Photo Illustrations...a great example of Digital Alchemy.

Anytime a new concept that needs to be demonstrated and simply does not exist physically for photography or video to capture is where retouching artist step in. Digital Alchemy is at it's best in the art of retouching, compositing images and manipulation of photographs. The above poster is a prime example of it. This poster is a composite of 10 seperate images to demonstrate the Ghost Writer concept.




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Proposed email for their compliance product.