Susan Tower Creative, Graphic Design, Branding, Freelance

Meet Susan


Digital Alchemy...I know it seems like one of those made up terms to try to impress doesn't it? But actually I found this term on a few design blogs and I have really aligned with it. It is the best title I've seen to explain what I do which is taking multiple elements, combining them and then turning them into a finished piece that shines for others. 


I started my little boutique studio in 2009 after spending almost 11 years in brand agencies. Working alongside brands like GM, Chevy, Progressive Insurance, Great Wolf Lodge and many others. I certainly appreciated the big budgets that came with Fortune 500 brands, but I have to say I have not missed the long stressful days that went with it. And even though I still have some long days I find I don't mind them as I really do love what I do.


Since starting my design studio...I have been fortunate in having some great clients. I believe in working relationships that happen with a sense of ease. And knowing that everyone has different needs and structures...I have aligned myself with great resources and streamlined processes in order to offer flexibility to my clients. 


Below is a brief description of the types of freelance services I offer:


Project-to-Project as needed:

Working with your company as needed. I typically work hourly but for smaller projects I can do an all-inclusive quote. 


Marketing Assistant and Retainer Relationships:

I have a few select clients that benefit from an ongoing service each month or annually. These are the Foundation Clients and I only take on 3 of these at a time.

Typically these clients can use at least 10-15 hours per month or more of service and the reward for such a partnership is:

• reduced design rates (about 35-40% less)

• shorter billing increments (billed to the nearest 15 minutes)

• expanded services (customized what you need help with)

• fluid working relationship (on call...drop what I'm doing to help in a pinch)


Please contact me to see if I have any current openings.